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Welcome to MiAna Place. This pro-mia pro-ana web site is the birth of the evolution of proana, and the start of the second wave pro-anorexia movement. This is not the typical proana sites & promia websites you may have been used to seeing, but instead a truly proactive eating disorder support group. The foundation of this pro-ana community web site is built to be supportive towards the eating disordered individual, and to focus on the root causes of eating disorders in order to bring about positive change in attitudes.

Pro-Anorexia Website

Unlike most pro-mia pro-ana websites, MiAna Place does not feature any tips, tricks or thinspiration. If you are looking to become anorexic or bulimic by being here, it's not going to happen. You cannot just wake up and become anorexic or bulimic, and by joining a pro ana mia community will not give you anorexia or bulimia. Instead we offer information on various eating disorders, plus BMI, BMR and metric calculators and news articles (written by Mandi, owner of MiAna Place) about issues surrounding the eating disordered world. We have links to other pro-anorexic sites and forums categorized into a mini pro-ana directory.

Pro-Ana Forum

The most unique pro-anorexia group experience is the MiAna Place forum. When you join our eating disorder support forum, you will notice that you cannot see any areas to discuss eds. You will have to find on the groups list what eating disorders you suffer from and pick them to be part of that section. This important step makes MiAna Place the most supportive eating disorder forum around, as you custom tailor it yourself to meet your own unique needs. If you do take that step towards recovery and an area triggers you too much, just leave that part of the group and you can still take part in the community without worries of being triggered. Recovering from an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia is part of the process. Keeping true to the proanorexic roots, there is areas for pro ana pro mia topics.

Proana Evolutionized

If you are tired of the typical pro-anorexic sites and seek a refreshing change, this is the pro-ana website for you. The kind, caring and very supportive eating disorder group is always welcoming to new members. Anorexic, bulimic, ednos ... we have discussion groups for all eds. Also if you are part of a pro-recovery group that isn't doing you any good, this is also the proana web site for you. We don't focus on the disorder itself, but instead focus on the individual and possible reasons as to why disordered eating happened, and offer solutions to these root causes (done through the forums online journals). The journal is one of the most important areas for eating disorder support. When you see the members believing in you, then you will have belief in yourself with better self esteem. We also have a chat room that connects to a few other proanorexia sites to be supported in real time discussion. We are still very much pro ana mia, in that using the words ana mia to describe anorexia bulimia allows for a friendlier atmosphere. We don't encourage nor push ed behaviors, but we do encourage personal development towards a better future. This is the first pro mia pro ana website of the second wave. We come a long ways since the first wave promia proana movement.

Viva La' Evolution!

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